4 Worst Sounds You Never Want to Hear From Your AC

Posted on May 19 2018 - 1:00am

AirconditionerWhen you first had your AC installed, it produced a peaceful sound in the distance. Through the years, the unit might have lost some of its tranquility while running, but it still has been reasonably silent.

But if you recently have noticed any of these four sounds, you need to immediately call an expert in air conditioning service in Salt Lake City, UT such as Whipple Service Champions immediately.


After you start your AC system, it should produce a smooth humming sound. That indicates that the fan has started running. If, on the other hand, what you hear is screeching or squealing, then something’s quite not right. It could be that the system has a frayed fan belt.

Or it might be that the system needs lubrication. An expert should diagnose and fix the problem.


A banging noise could signify that some part of your fan has come loose. Usually, the problem is with the blower motor or some other part of the blower. The solution is to promptly shut down the system and have an expert service the unit as soon as possible.


While some little buzzing does not indicate a serious problem with your AC system, a noticeably loud one should be a cause for concern. Such noise suggests that there could be a loose part of the unit, or that you have a motor problem in your hands. Either way, it’s advisable to have a professional fix the issue.


When you start or shut down the AC system, you may hear a clicking sound. This should not be cause for worry, as that’s normal operating procedure. However, when that clicking repeatedly happens while your AC is running, then it could be a sign of dangerous electrical problems.

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One of the signals that your AC gives you when there’s a fault in the system is making a peculiar sound. Should you ever hear funny sounds emanating from your system, it’s best to act immediately.