5 Duties that Affect Your Hotel Business the Most

Posted on Sep 3 2018 - 1:01pm

a hotel roomHotels earn their stars through hard work, and you’d agree if you’re in the hospitality industry. Every hotel has a team behind it that makes sure guests are satisfied with the accommodations they paid for. From valet parking to linen laundry, dozens of employees are tasked with hotel duties day or night.

Here’s a detailed look at the tasks needed to get done as guests check in and out of each room.

Cleaning the Room

According to bcichem.com, the linen in each hotel room has to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that the next guest will get clean and fresh items ready for use.

Parking the Guests’ Cars

Guests who have their own vehicle, such as families on a vacation trip, need to get their cars parked securely in the hotel premises. This needs the assistance of valet parking staff, which is in charge of parking the car so that the guests won’t have to.

Handling Their Luggage

As the guests check in, some might have trouble bringing in multiple and heavy bags. A bellhop is a hotel staff member tasked with handling the luggage, usually with a wheeled platform to carry the belongings around more easily.

Preparing Meals

Overnight guests or those staying for consecutive days are usually entitled to breakfast or lunch buffets since these are paid for along with the hotel accommodation. Chefs and servers are the staff members expected to prepare these meals.

Resolving Concerns

Lastly, front desk staff members need to be on standby at all times in case a guest makes a call from their hotel room requesting assistance. Concerns could range from food, pest control, and the like.

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Every hotel stays functional thanks to the efforts of its staff members. These include cleaners who wash the linens, valet parking that handle the guest cars, and front desk employees who resolve concerns. Without these members, hotels wouldn’t be as organized and clean as they are.