5 Ways to Deal with an Old or Spare Vehicle

Posted on Aug 31 2018 - 1:00am

Row of car keysAmericans love their automobiles, and it’s hard to argue against this. In fact, many even love their cars a little too much that they have more than they need. What do you do if you have an old or spare car left sitting in your home’s garage? Here are some tips:

1. Donate It to Charity

Car donation pick-up has been present for a while now, but not a lot might be aware of the process yet. Car donations work by having the assessed value of the vehicle given in kind to any charitable or non-profit organization. This includes animal welfare groups, human rights campaigns, and such.

2. Gift It to Family or Friends

Another way to deal with spare or old cars is simply to pass it along to family members who don’t live in the same house as you. You can also give it to friends, but a price might have to be negotiated between you two.

3. Sell It to a Dealership

Speaking of price, you can also choose to sell your used vehicle to a dealership. A car dealer would then brand it as secondhand, with refurbished parts and a price lower than the original.

4. Repair It

In case of a broken auto in your garage, you can have it repaired first before you can do any of the first three tips. A repair shop can easily fix broken vehicles for a price.

Friends in a car rental5. Do Car Rentals

You can also earn profit from your spare car offering it as a rental service. This is beneficial if, say, you live in a city constantly crowded with tourists. Offering car rental services can help the tourists get around town, as well as ease the traffic in the metro.

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Car owners who have extra vehicles in their garage can free up space while helping others at the same time. You can donate your old car to charity, family or friends, or offer car rentals.