A Smile that Stands Out

Posted on Nov 20 2017 - 7:17am

A smile can be the first thing that people notice but if it is unattractive then it may be for the wrong reasons. Straight teeth enhance the qualities of a smile and give a person confidence to face the world. However, if teeth are crooked, spaced too widely or crowded then they can have a debilitating impact on appearance. The best time to realign teeth is during childhood but many adults now also seek treatment. For people in Stevenage, braces used to mean having a mouth full of uncomfortable, unsightly metal for months on end. Having braces in Stevenage today can be quicker, more discreet and gentler due to a range of new braces.

Braces to suit modern lifestyles

Patients looking for braces in Stevenage often lead busy lives which includes social and professional interactions. Dentists such as Smilecraft fit braces in Stevenage for adults which fit into their lifestyles to give them a smile to be proud of. It is even possible to have a new smile in under half a year. The Six Month Smiles technique uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires which are unobtrusive and work rapidly as they focus on the front teeth alone. They can be used to correct overly spaced, crowded or crooked teeth.

A new smile in six months?

It really is possible. For many patients in Stevenage, braces need to work fast. It may be that they are too busy to consider having treatment which lasts for a long time. Or there might be an upcoming engagement such as a wedding or important event. If the teeth are not severely misaligned then patients can benefit from straighter teeth quickly with the Six Month Smiles system. The exact treatment time depends on the individual but a dentist will be able to advise and offer an estimated duration as part of the initial consultation. The Six Month Smiles technique uses a fixed appliance which means that the brackets are attached to the teeth. This means that the braces are not removed for cleaning or eating. The speed of treatment also means that Six Month Smiles can be more cost-effective.

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