A Suitable Perimeter Fence Combines Total Security with Style

Posted on Dec 16 2016 - 1:00am

Industrial Metal FencingA perimeter fence provides protection. It secures your business’s property, maintaining access only to authorized people. While the structure offers a range of security solutions, it can also enhance your property’s curb appeal.

Before Installation

Suitable perimeter fencing combines privacy, security, and visual interest. The first two factors are essential, but the last one can make your business appealing. It can influence clients or customers in a positive way, and add value to your property. To achieve function and appeal, choose the right industrial fencing system.

As a business owner, you may consider the more affordable industrial fence product. Instead of going with the cheapest option, consider the material and the benefits it can offer. Consider also the installation, if your industrial fence will allow for an easy set up, and the cost of shipping, if it’s a factor. Two common materials are steel and aluminum.

Steel vs. Aluminum

Steel fencing can offer strength and impact-resistance. You may consider this material if your business is in a high-risk environment. But steel fencing will cost more money. In addition, its heavy weight can make the installation run longer. Another potential downside to this perimeter fencing is rust. Exposure to damp environments and coastal areas can lead to corrosion without maintenance.

Aluminum perimeter fences, on the other hand, are lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Since it’s lightweight, installing it should be easy. You can also expect your industrial aluminum fence to resist rust throughout its lifetime. Anodizing or powder-coating processes add an extra layer of protection against harsh elements.

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Both features provide durability, which means your aluminum fence can protect your property for a long time. In terms of style, aluminum fencing products come in a variety of designs. The material is pliable so manufacturers can shape it in different ways.

Perimeter fencing can deliver more than privacy and security. The right industrial fencing can add appeal to your property, too. Weigh your options and choose a fitting fence for your business today.