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Coastscapes caters to people with a passion for landscaping and waterscaping. We bring you the latest news about the industry and current ventures, using our passion for designs that are not detrimental to nature.

Who we are

Our team is composed of writers who have a ton of experience when it comes to the profession of landscaping and waterscaping. Our staff of experienced housing renovation specialists offers tips and tricks that you can make use of to extend your living space and making sure your garden yields the plants and flowers you want to bloom. From getting rid of weeds to picking out the right décor for your room, you can be sure that the content we publish have practical uses in your everyday life. Moreover, we make sure to contribute in enhancing nature with great landscaping and waterscaping designs

What we believe in

Many people admittedly do not think much of home improvement, let along making sure their garden looks good. It is a big task to do so not many people put any effort on making sure their homes look good and their gardens look even better. Did you know though that the state of your home and garden can actually affect and influence your lifestyle? We believe that landscaping and proper gardening is not all about aesthetics; it’s also about making you feel right at home. We strive to make sure that the articles and blog posts we publish are things that you can actually use to achieve this goal.

Whether you are have a passion for landscaping or a professional lake house remodeller, you can learn a lot when you read our articles, blog posts, and latest news. At Coastscapes, we’ll help you become the do-it-yourself weekend warrior that everyone wants to be!