Acoustic Guitar | Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar Review

Posted on May 9 2012 - 8:08pm

In this Yamaha FG800 audit, you’ll realize why their new 800 Series gives awesome incentive no matter how you look at it, with superb sound, tone and manufacture quality. I’ll likewise give nitty gritty data about late changes made to the general sound of Yamaha acoustic guitars.

Yamaha guitars have been a prevalent decision for fledgling and middle of the road guitar players for a considerable length of time, and the motivation behind why is straightforward: they offer quality guitars with incredible sound at moderate costs.

The Yamaha 800 Series was discharged in mid 2016 to supplant their 700 Series of acoustic guitars. Also, the FG800 is the immediate trade for the best offering Yamaha FG700s, with a comparative look, feel, sound and fabricate. Nonetheless, some intriguing redesigns have been made.

Yamaha patched up the way they plan acoustic guitar tops, adding scalloped supporting to build vibration for upgraded sound quality and volume, especially in the low (bass) and mid-run. This sort of supporting is an element generally found on more costly guitars.

Yamaha 800 Series Overview

The 800 Series of Yamaha acoustic guitars was uncovered in mid 2016. It incorporates a gathering of full-measure acoustic battleships accessible in an assortment of tonewoods and hues (Yamaha FG Series), and also a gathering of littler “show estimate” guitars with a more slender ensemble style shape (Yamaha FS Series).

The 800 Series incorporates generally acoustic guitars, albeit a few models additionally have an acoustic-electric variant. I’ll separate all the diverse choices accessible underneath.

Yamaha sent their Research and Development building group back to the point where it all began to adjust the plan.

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They made programming to investigate how a guitar’s propping influences the sound made by the best, and utilized the outcomes to augment sound and tone quality.

The 800 Series guitars are still very like the 700 Series (this line has now been ended).

Yamaha FG800

The FG800 Yamaha acoustic guitar is the leader model of the 800 Series (and the immediate substitution for the well known Yamaha FG700s).

What’s more, it’s an extraordinary acoustic guitar.

It’s a full-measure man of war with a strong Sitka spruce wood best, and nato/okume overlay back and sides. Its nato wood neck is about normal thickness, with a marginally littler nut width for a less demanding hold than the neck found on a contender like the Seagull S6.

All guitars in the 800 Series incorporate a rosewood fingerboard and extension.

Acoustic Guitar Sound and Tone

The Yamaha FG800 is a fun guitar to play with great volume and projection. It remains in order great, and is useful for both finger playing and strumming harmonies.

The scalloped supporting helps give these guitars an interesting character, and they now have a more adjusted general sound than their ancestors, which had a tendency to be somewhat feeble in the mid-run. The bass reaction is enhanced also, now louder and punchier.

The FG800 can sound somewhat splendid now and again, however has a reasonable, rich, smooth tone by and large.

It has all the more a live, open feel to the sound than that found in the Yamaha FG700s.