Blending Plumbing Fixtures With Home Design

Posted on Apr 20 2016 - 1:39am

Modern Bathroom in JandakotGone are the days of sinks, faucets, shower heads and the like having at most two or three colour combinations. These limited options caused homeowners to just choose whatever they could find in the store, put them in their bathroom, and call it a day. Now, the same fixtures come in a much wider variety of design combinations, allowing for little to no 'universality'. Picking items that blend with a bathroom’s overall design should be your foremost option, not your fallback.

The Home Decides Which to Pick

Take a good look at your home. What design does it have? What mood or message does the aesthetic send you, as an observer? Plumbing fixtures must take cues from the décor and nowhere else. For instance, spaces featuring heavy ornamentation would be the worst place to put a plain-looking, minimalist fixture in.

A Bit of Metallurgy

Faucets come in a number of metal finishes that are certainly not universal. Polished brass, for example, is quite common and easy to find. It’s also popular among homeowners due to its sophisticated and vintage style, but it doesn’t mean it’ll fit in your place easily. For modern, traditional and eclectic motifs, polished brass fixtures are the perfect fit.

What about chrome and nickel? For one, chrome is perhaps the most universal finish of all. It’s affordable and easy to clean. Fingerprints and water stains are the biggest gripes homeowners have with it, though. As for nickel, there are two variants: polished and brushed. The latter is the more ‘laid back’ of the two, and is a perfect fit for the modern motif – you’ll likely not find anything better and even ditch brass. Polished nickel is more expensive and hard to pair with others due to its unique finish. It’s like chrome, but it’s much shinier and more prominent.

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The Budget Tells You Where to Go

Of course, it’s likely that the more ornamented and polished a fixture is, the heftier its price tag. On a tight budget? The local wholesaler of plumbing fixtures is your best friend. You can find affordable, plain-looking items here, and who knows, maybe even designer picks for much less. But, these things come at a price beyond the tag. You can almost always expect that they have imperfections, so stay alert.