Cheap Ways to Increase Your Home Security

Posted on Mar 11 2016 - 6:06am

Home Security in Auckland Central Auckland is New Zealand’s top burglary hotspot. Protect your home and possessions better by increasing your property’s residential security system. It doesn’t have to be expensive or top of the line gadgets, but simple, cheap and strategic means of stopping everyday burglars.

Know Common Burglar Tactics

Warding off burglars is sometimes as simple as knowing how they think or studying their tactics. For example, burglaries commonly occur during hours of the day the homeowners are expected to be out of the house, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can set a random timer on your TV or radio on during these hours to make it seem like somebody is inside the house.

Build a Fence

Properties without residential fencing are also more typical victims, as it lessens the time the burglar spends hijacking the house. You can put up a simple fence around the house, preferably with a gate and a lock, to deter them from entering. Have professionals plan and build your house the type of fence that fits your property and your concerns.

Consider Security Cameras

Other than building a fence, setting up security cameras are sure ways to make the burglar step back. Homes without security systems or cameras are three times more likely to be attacked by burglars. You don’t have to purchase tech-savvy cameras. In fact, you can make your own security camera using your old webcams at home.

Avoid Displaying Your Best Possessions

According to studies, a burglar will spend no more than 12 minutes inside your home. It goes without saying that you have to hide or safely keep away from plain sight your most valued possessions. The thief will first look into your drawer, bedroom closet and refrigerator, so consider more secure hiding places.

When going on vacation, especially trips that go longer than three weeks, make sure to do extra precautions, such as having some friends or relatives look after the house once in a while or setting up timers for your indoor lights to make the home look lived in. Burglaries happen every day and you wouldn’t want the next news to be you.