Clean Food, Clean Business: Keeping Your Restaurant Tidy

Posted on Jan 22 2016 - 6:53am

Clean Water in Salt Lake CityThe restaurant business is a highly competitive world, with restaurateurs frequently having to come up with new concepts to wow diners. They can think of all sorts of gimmicks, concepts, and strategies to empower their business. This is where the differentiation of restaurants come from. No matter how varied restaurants are, there exists a key concept as their common denominator: cleanliness.

The matter of cleanliness is critical for restaurants. A bill of a clean restaurant ensures that you can continue to attract new customers and still keep the ones you have. It keeps the trust of customers that you will continue to serve them food that will not endanger their health. For a young restaurateur in downtown Salt Lake City, how would you keep things tidy?

Clean Food

The heart and soul of every restaurant is the food it dishes out to customers. Because of this, keeping the food clean is essential. The moment you serve contaminated food, you might be in for a case of unfortunate food poisoning on your customers. Should this happen, you can go talk to the health inspector.

To keep this from happening, implement procedures that will ensure proper storage and treatment of food in the kitchen. Storing food in freezers slows the growth of harmful bacteria, while improving shelf life. Make sure your kitchen crew is well-trained in food management, especially in proper handling of food.

Aside from the food, using clean soft water is also a must, as there are plenty of disease-causing microbes that lie in unclean tap water. As states, using water softeners can be a plus for your business.

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Clean Space

The next step in operating a clean restaurant is keeping the interiors clean. Maintaining cleanliness in every nook and cranny of the restaurant rewards a lot for the long run. Seeing clean surroundings puts customers at ease and banishes any doubts they may have if they are first timers. Schedule regular cleanings to prevent pest infestation in your establishment. Keep your restaurant spot-free and vermin-free, and you will have won half the battle.

Clean Service

The final part of a restaurant’s operation is the service. The service staff handling and serving the food should also be mindful of the restaurant’s cleanliness policy. They should adhere to a strict set of policies that addresses cleanliness, such as proper handling of food, personal hygiene and the like. You can be as strict and specific as you like with this; policies can go a long way. As cliché as it sounds, customers finding a strand of hair in their food can still ruin you.

Cleanliness is something you cannot forego in running a restaurant. Keep things tidy, and your business will go right.