Common Signs of Major Garage Door Problems

Posted on Aug 30 2018 - 8:19am

man fixing garage doorWeather patterns in a tropical region change unpredictably. So, for homeowners, having a structured garage adjacent to the house will keep their vehicles safe. Hiring a professional garage door installer here in Cairns helps bring that feeling of additional security.

But like other equipment, at some point, you might notice something unusual, especially on how the way the garage door opens or closes. While most problems are resolved by replacing the batteries, it’s not always the reason.

Here are some of the most common problems that need immediate professional attention:

Broken Spring System

Whether the garage door uses torsion or extension spring system, it may weaken over time. This problem can be easily recognised by the loud thumping sound it creates during opening or closing. When this happens, try not to operate the door. Contact a certified garage door technician immediately to replace the broken spring system.

Misaligned Photo Eye

For safety reasons, garage doors installed after 1993 has two tiny photo eyes that stop the door from closing if they detect something within its proximity to prevent any injury. The problem is, if it is dirty or misaligned, it will keep the garage door from closing. This can be easily resolved by cleaning the eyes and making sure they are aligned in the same direction. If the problem persists, call a certified garage door technician to analyse the problem.

Misaligned Tracks

Another issue that needs immediate fixing before it deteriorates further is the misaligned garage door tracks. Some of the identifiable signs include an unusual bump or a crunching sound while opening or closing. But if the door got stuck even while the motor remains running, turn it off immediately and call the experts to prevent further damage.

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Remember that garage doors are installed for safety and security purposes for your car, so it should not be a cause of any harm for you or your family. For optimum performance, be sure to have your garage door inspected and serviced regularly.