Dangerous Do-It-Yourself Renovations to Watch Out For

Posted on Aug 11 2015 - 6:03am

Do-it-yourself renovations may be cost-effective and engaging, but it can lead expensive hospital fees when an accident strikes. These can technically be done, but it is better to leave these dangerous tasks to the experts.

Roof repair

Roof RepairThe highest point of the house is without a doubt the most dangerous place to go to. Many are tempted by the prospect of a quick fix and a full wallet, but slips and falls are very common. Even if the house is a bungalow, falling from the roof can still be painful. One of the leading causes of roof damage are storms and even after a few days, the roof can still be slippery and there is a risk that the roof itself may collapse without warning.

Removing trees

Trees when cut can fall unpredictably, even if they are cut and torn down the  ‘right’ way. Not only is it possible for the tree to crash down on you, it may also fall directly into your property. A tree may be easily cut down, but the damage it can do falling is surprisingly powerful and you may find yourself needing to replace your roof or car.

Tearing Down WallsTearing down walls

Tearing down walls may be easy, but there is a danger in not knowing what lies on the other side of the wall. You may accidentally tear down a wall covering an electric line or pipes; or worse, both. Aside from the potential dangers of short-circuiting wires and flooding, repairing the things you damaged can very pricey.

Pest control

Culling a few rats and mice may be an easy tasks, especially when you have chemicals in your hands, but the toxic substances that you use present an immediate danger to your pets and your family. There are many pest-control products that can be bought at stores, but this does not diminish its dangers. Hiring a professional pest controller is better as they have the knowledge and skill in handling dangerous substances.

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Asbestos removal

Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral that was used in construction many years ago. Buildings, homes, and even commercial buildings that were built before 1980 are sure to have some form of asbestos. The mineral itself is very dangerous and harmful to a person health, Mobdro App and inhaling even a tiny amount of it can cause serious respiratory problems like lung cancer. It is better to let accredited professionals handle asbestos removal as it is impossible to tell how much asbestos was used in the construction of a house.

Do-it-yourself projects may be an exciting thing to do on the weekend, but there are some that are better left handled by professionals. A DIY project gone awry isn’t just expensive, it may even cost your life.