Design-Build: Why the Master Builder Approach is Still Better

Posted on Jan 18 2016 - 2:04am

Master Builder in UtahThere are typically two choices in the construction industry when it comes to handling your project: design-build and the design-bid-build. These are two of the most common delivery methods and their difference is actually quite substantial despite their similar sounding name.

Design-build has regularly been called the ‘master builder’ approach, and is arguably the oldest delivery method within the construction industry. Despite this, it’s still the most reliable way for you to get your property or structure constructed in a short span of time with minimal risk.

Point of Contact

Many construction companies, such as Hogan Construction Group, note that “design-build projects allow for faster delivery and cost savings for your project” and this is because this particular delivery method is contracted by a single entity that is a joint venture between the designer and general contractor. You only have one point of contact that handles both the designing of your property and the actual construction of it.

This fully eliminates the bidding process, making the design-build method the faster delivery method. Compared to design-bid-build, which requires each project to go through the design, biding, and construction phase, the preparation of the construction site can begin even before everything has been finalized in the design-build method. You can also apply last-minute changes even when the design itself is just being finalized.

Finally, the fact that both the design and construction process is integrated means that there are fewer risks and conflicts involved during both the envisioning and the implementation of the project, which means less hassle for you.

The Benefits of One Contract

Since the design and construction departments are under one joint venture, you only need to sign one contract when you choose the design-build delivery method. There is less risk involved in this, and even if something does go wrong during the any of the processes, only one entity is accountable. This, in turn, eliminates liability on your side.

You also don’t need to act as mediator between the designers and the builders. It sounds fun, but the last thing you want to happen is for the architect and the engineer to be arguing with each other on how the project will look like. There’s no mediation needed as both processes are integrated.

Now this doesn’t mean that the design-bid-build delivery system is bad; there are cases where this is more appropriate, especially if you feel that a certain designer or builder is more suited for the job. If fast and low-risk construction is what you’re looking for however, the design-build process is the smarter and cost-effective option.