Design Mistakes That Make Kitchens a Messy Place

Posted on May 10 2016 - 4:26am

Kitchen Makeover Designing a kitchen is one of the daunting tasks a homeowner may expect. Although constructing a new kitchen is an exciting thing, it shouldn’t prevent you from gathering all important design details you need. Most homeowners acknowledge that correcting some of the kitchen design blunders is strenuous and expensive.

For this reason, you should know the blunders that other homeowners made when they were designing their kitchens so you can avoid them altogether. Here are some mistakes you should avoid according to trusted kitchen designers in Brisbane:

Wasting storage space

Items homeowners keep behind the kitchen cabinets end up wasting more space. Stand mixers and food processors are some of the oddly shaped items that require much space and they should not, therefore, be stored in kitchen cabinets. Enough storage space in the kitchen is important to make sure appliances are easily accessible. People with smaller kitchens should install long, upper cabinets over the refrigerator to maximise the space above. Where possible, the lower kitchen cabinets should have shelves across their backs for additional storage.

Poor lighting

Good lighting in the kitchen does not only create an attractive atmosphere and design; it also increases safety. Handling sharp objects in an inadequately lit kitchen would be dangerous. Accent lighting, task lighting, and general lighting would be appropriate in the kitchen, but the choice you make would depend on the work areas and activities you normally perform. Installing pendant lights above kitchen sinks and mini-pendant lights over kitchen islands would enhance kitchen beauty.

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Poor ventilation

The presence of foul odor makes the kitchen feel disgusting. Good ventilation helps clear the awful smell that lingers in the air. It improves the design of your kitchen by keeping it cleaner and improving the quality of its indoor air. People who choose to use inexpensive range hoods in the kitchen make the kitchen air stale, dirty and unsuitable for their health.

When the kitchen is properly designed, it’s easier to keep other rooms clean and healthy. Making any of the above stressful blunders, however, would make the entire house look odd. To ensure and enjoyable stay in the kitchen, know what mistakes to avoid.