Do’s and Don’ts for a Smart and Cost-Effective Home Renovation

Posted on Dec 10 2015 - 10:27am

Home Renovation in Perth Do you spend on renovation services without taking into account how much you get for every dollar you invest? Do not go into any overhaul project without thinking about the return of investment. Read on so that you can make smart choices while planning a renovation or home extension, particularly if you are working with a limited budget.

Focus on changes that make the property more appealing

If you are to choose a section of the house to modify to increase its appeal to future buyers, will you focus on the kitchen or the living room? Experts recommend that you invest in transforming the façade of the house first — that includes the gate and the front yard. Prioritise your expenses on high performance paint and new garden plants.

Make sure the driveway is not crumbling or does not have cracks. Invest in better paving, and put up a new gate to invite people in. You can have a successful cosmetic renovation of your home’s façade without spending a fortune.

Work with a consultant on building permits and related requirements

If you require additional space, find a reliable structural renovation consultant., builders of home extensions in Perth, says that you need permits issued by authorities before starting your project. Learn about the necessary documents for submission to avoid fines.

Do not resort to over-capitalising

A good renovation gives you that fresh feeling that you are in a different house even if you spend “just enough” money. Some property owners have the misconception that they will gain more improvements by spending as much money as they can. If you are redoing an old kitchen, plan carefully. Do not knock down an entire wall to build a new one when you can achieve the same effect by repainting or changing the theme. Expand your options. Do you need to change everything to glass to make the place lighter and airy, or will a skylight and new window do the trick?

Go for quality, but don’t overspend. Plan your renovations and work with experts to make your project a success.