How To Download VLC Player For Android And PC

Posted on Nov 13 2015 - 11:04am

VLC Player was originally developed for Android users. Soon after its release, VLC Player gained immense popularity amongst users as the number one media player for all their media files. This is when the developers decided to release a version of VLC Player for Mac, iOS and Windows users as well. The downloading procedure is very simple, and VLC Player for Mac has already been downloaded millions of times by users from all over the world. VLC Player is a top rated app due to several reasons. If you are thinking about downloading a versatile, all in one media player for your Mac, then download VLC Player for Mac today and enjoy all the amazing features that this app has to offer.

The advantages of downloading VLC Player for Mac:

  • You can download VLC Player for Mac completely for free. There are no hidden costs or in app purchases that you will need to worry about.
  • This version of VLC Player was developed specially for Mac users. Thus the features of VLC Player have been optimized for Mac devices specially.
  • VLC Player supports a variety of different platforms for all your media files. It even supports DVD, ASS and VCD formats for all kinds of media files.
  • VLC Player for Mac can be used to stream both unicast as well as multicast on a network, where VLC Player for Mac is used as a server.
  • The file size of VLC Player for Mac is just 35.56 MB in size. This means that you don’t need to worry about VLC Player taking up too much disk space on your Mac. The file also does not consume excessive resources on your Mac.
  • VLC Player for Mac allows you to play as many multimedia files at one time as you want. It is also enabled to work in the background as a background app while you work on other applications on your Mac.
  • You can download VLC Player on all of your devices for free. You can then sync up your devices to ensure that whatever is playing on your Mac, is also playing on the screen of your PC.
  • You can enjoy HD as well as Blu-Ray playback on your new VLC Player for Mac.
  • The new, updated versions of VLC Player for Mac have an advanced user interface to make your experience with this media player all the more better. The interface of VLC Player for Mac opens up in a playlist format for easy viewing, and a two paned window list which consists of all the common locations for the media file (in the left hand side pane) and an invitation for you to drag and drop the media files into the right hand side window for playback.
  • An advanced media player control button at the bottom of the screen which allows you to exercise a whole new list of control features. These features include- full screen button option, an audio effects option, shortcut to the users iTunes playlist library, playlist options, various internet streams including UPnP.
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It is all of these advanced features which are packed into a user friendly, simple interface which make VLC Player for Mac so well loved and popular amongst users. You can download VLC Player for Mac for free and enjoy all the amazing features and benefits of this media player. In case you have an older version of Mac OS X, you don’t need to worry about not being able to install VLC Player for Mac on your device. You can download the older versions of VLC Player for Mac which is compatible with your older generation of Mac. Now, seamlessly play all of your media files using VLC Player for Mac.