Dull and Unhealthy Lawn: What is Going On?

Posted on Sep 1 2017 - 1:00am

a lawnmower trims the lawn

It is frustrating to see a luscious, green yard turn into a dull, unhealthy lawn. It could due to lack of care or improper lawn care practices. If your turf is not growing the way it should be or how you’d like it to be, it is also likely that diseases have invaded your lawn or there are other external factors that have compromised its proper growth.

Salt Lake City lawn care professionals share why your lawn is not looking its best.

Not Enough Sun

Some varieties of grasses are shade tolerant, but most need sun to grow strong and healthy. While a few varieties can still sprout in a bit of shade, they tend to grow slower and weaker. This condition also promotes the growth of weeds, if you’re not taking preventive measures. If there are shaded areas in your lawn, it is best to consider a shade tolerant grass or use some ground cover plant varieties, instead.

Weed Invasion

While weeds are green in color, they don’t add any appeal to your lawn. The good news is, healthy grass can usually take care of the weeds by crowding them out. If the weeds, however, have already overgrown or invaded a part of the lawn, it is best to dig them out using a knife or weed puller. Don’t forget to reseed if you leave bare spots. If weed invasion is substantial, call in the lawn care experts.

Foot Traffic

Heavy foot traffic can be an issue for grasses that are not specifically designed for play and sports area. This is especially true for wet turf and soil. Playing on a wet lawn can lead to compacted soil, which can make it difficult for the grass roots to grow. Foot traffic on soft or moist soil, furthermore, encourages easier breakage of the grass blades, impeding growth.

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Dog Activity

Lawn burn or damage is likely if your dog pees on the grass. This can stress and burn the plant or create blank spots in the yard. Some dogs also scratch the grass, which leads to bald areas in the soil, especially during the wet season. You can always water the urinated spots to dilute the urine or train your pet to pee elsewhere.

Don’t let these things compromise the look of your lawn. Don’t forget to maintain proper lawn care practices or consult a professional when dealing with extensive problems.