Exploring the Aviator Look: Get A Modern Flavor in Your Home

Posted on Oct 17 2016 - 9:59am

Home DesignEvery design for a home tells a story. For some, it is connected to the different pieces that people have collected. For others, their furniture pieces tell the closest story about what makes them comfortable and at home.

When it comes to enthusiasts of airplanes, aviation-inspired pieces are starting to become a popular choice for delivering a contemporary yet vintage touch to the office or home.

Contemporary and Chic

Even with the rough, finished look of airplane parts, there is a way to transform them into aviation furniture with a chic air about them.

The aim of most manufacturers of aviation furniture is to ensure that the traditional look and the innovative appeal are able to have a good harmony on the pieces. This ensures that the pieces can be transformed into something else, but also provide the experience and even memories linked to these recreated airplanes, Urban95 reports.

Reclaimed Turned into New Furniture

From coffee tables with propeller heads for legs, to chairs made of engines set with leather seats, even to work desks made of airplane wings, there are a lot of parts that can be transformed into a number of new furniture.

The beneficial thing about this is that the recycled airplane parts are put to good use to create new and remarkable aviation furniture.

Restored for Better Use

The idea for furniture now is to see restorations of parts to create a better set of furniture. According to Home-Reviews, aviation furniture is gaining traction in the area of retro furniture finding and breathing new life into contemporary homes.

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The pieces are inspired by the look and feel of World War II fighter plane parts, complete with screws and seams to give your living room a vintage appeal. Some restored pieces even provide polishes to the leather without ruining the distressed and weathered appeal, as that’s what really makes these aviator-inspired pieces stand out.