Fittings for Every Area of the House that Ensure Safety

Posted on Oct 13 2015 - 4:39am

kidsKeeping toddlers in the crib is ideal for their safety, but it’s not logical for their development. The most suitable way to ensure their safety, while also allowing them to move around the house, is to install different kinds of fittings. These products are probably the best option that can give you peace of mind.

Glass Balustrades

The combination of stainless steel and glass balustrade not only provides added appeal to your home, but also maintains safety. Glass balustrades with stainless steel frames are ideal on staircases, balconies and swimming pools as it keeps the children from falling, sustaining injuries and drowning.

Anti-Slip Flooring

Falling from a height can perilous and slipping on the floor can be just as dangerous. Installing carpets is perhaps the easiest way to ensure you won’t slip on the floor, but it’s hard to maintain. Using anti-slip coating is a feasible alternative for all types of flooring, whether it is concrete, tile or fibreglass.

Internal Gates

If your children already know how to crawl and move around, you’d probably want to make sure they stay or keep off in a particular area. A viable way to achieve this is by installing internal gates, which are high enough for toddlers to jump over to. Make sure the gates you choose are suitably sturdy, as well.

Socket Covers

Electrical sockets are more often on the lower area of walls, making it reachable to children. To protect them from electrocution, purchase a socket covering. This fitting is easy to install on your own. It serves like the lid of a box, which you can close if there aren’t anything plugged on the power outlets.

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Locks and Tints

Be wary of kidnappers, especially if you’re the only left to watch over the kids. For the door, install at least two different types of lock, preferably those with alarms. For the windows, meanwhile, put in security window films. This product is a specialised tint that makes your glass unbreakable.

Supervision is essential in keep your children from certain dangers. But, there are times when you have to do something and take your eyes off them. In this situation, your best option is a safety fitting.