For a Healthy, Happy Mind: Stay Near Water

Posted on Jul 26 2018 - 8:07am

kids having fun swimmingWater has numerous benefits to the body. Drinking water improves the immune system and gives you that supple, beautiful skin. Swimming, on the other hand, improves endurance, strengthens muscles, and helps you shed those extra pounds. But did you know that water is good for the brain as well?

In fact, just by living near water, you’re able to nurture and cultivate a healthier, happier mind. It’s not surprising then that many Western Australians love the oceans and swimming pools, too.

A Break from Busyness

People are preoccupied every day. Experts say that there’s sensory overload all the time, from noisy city streets, overworked offices, constantly buzzing devices, etc. The brains need a break, but sadly, that’s not given frequently enough.

Staying near or in the waters can give that kind of rest to the brain. The sound you hear is simplified, much quieter than in your busy office. When there’s less information to take in, the brain gets rest. It’s working, but at a different pace.

This is the reason many residents in Perth choose fibreglass swimming pools. Perth homes mostly have this feature in their backyard, especially home-owners who maintain businesses and couldn’t just get a quick beach getaway. With such, it allows them to get that much-needed brain break even at home.

Awe in Water

Awe is an emotion many scientists believe to be a great help in achieving and keeping happiness. Some psychologists even encourage people to seek out activities that give them thrill so they can experience awe. But what does this have to do with being in the water?

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Being near the ocean can invoke such a feeling. When you see the vastness of this body of water and imagine its depth, it makes you realise how wonderful nature is. And you feel a deeper sense of humility and appreciation for being a part or connected to something big.

There indeed is something in the water. And it’s not just good for the body, but for the mind as well.