5 Reasons Why Fanatics Should Be Excited For Samsung S8

Posted on May 25 2017 - 11:31am

After some exploding Samsung galaxy note 7 devices, seems like Samsung has pulled it`s sleeves and it vying hard to enlist the most powerful and exceptional features in its new device Samsung s8 so as to restore customer`s faith.  Since the previous flagship killer from Samsung had to be pulled of the counters for exploding batteries, Samsung will definitely make sure that this one is sans any such `embarrassing` issues.

Now since the rumor market is afloat with some leaks of the new machine, tech- experts analyze and understand on paper what all features are worth of waiting.  Here briefing them down under:

  • Big Screen- the latest Samsung`s device is all set to emerge from it`s hometown Korea. Buzz in the air is that the company is planning to come up with a big screen than the previous model. The device may come up as Samsung s8 and Samsung s8 edge. As per the leaks reports, the two models may come with 5.5 inch and 6.2 inch respectively. The configurations of the cell phones whether both the models would remain same or not still remains a mystery.  Since many people prefer a larger screen especially those who like watching movies on mobile, for them the 6.2 variant perfectly fits well.  Samsung has kept the preferences and choices alive for the customers.
  • But same size- just because that Samsung galaxy note 8 has decided to ramp up the screen size doesn’t simply mean that the S8 and S8 edge; the two models will get bigger in sizes. As per sources, Samsung has planned to use the cutting edge-to edge tech feature to ensure that there aren’t any bezels around the handset. Similarly the home button will form a part of display itself and there won`t be any specific physical home button.
  • Ultrafast chipset- for Samsung users, the news to be excited is that Samsung is all set to include the 10 nano metre chipset inside its flagship killer Samsung s8. For heavy users, this is a phenomenal feature since it will not only speed up the general performance even multi- tasking would get faster with this. This feature might beat all other rival company`s flagship phones, since this chipset really performs fast. So al these features are something for which the tech fanatics should be jonesing for.
  • Futuristic Voice controlling- Samsung has already confirmed to this news that it is working on the next generation voice futuristic feature in galaxy s8. The feature will be done by the VIV labs who are known for creating their own programs for software and capable of preparing advanced conversations even faster than Apple`s Siri or Google assistant. This simply means that users will be able to use it for every purpose like checking weather forecasting feature or even booking a cab for any event.
  • It`s coming soon- earlier news was that Samsung was delaying the new flagship until April 2017 owing to the previous exploding batteries case, but as per the latest reports from Samsung,  it can hit the market in March only. So those desperately waiting for Samsung s8 can get their hands on it very soon.
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