Geodomes: What are its Benefits?

Posted on Aug 24 2018 - 3:06am

industrial greenhouseGreenhouses are a must in the world of gardening, particularly in colder regions. A greenhouse serves not only to protect plants from harsh elements — like hail or heavy snow — during the cold winter months, but it also prolongs the growing season. This way, it allows more heat to be utilized by the plants. One greenhouse type that is perfect for such conditions is a geodome greenhouse.

What is a geodome greenhouse?

A geodome or geodesic dome is known for their stability and resistance. It is made for space and structural strength. The shape of the dome creates a space that maximizes the interior. Its build is structurally sound enough to stabilize the forces at work — e.g. gravity, tension, compression.

Geodomes’ frames can be made of steel, wood, and many other materials. Greenhouse plastic is commonly used as covering, but other options include a greenhouse film, shrink film, as well as polycarbonate panels. There is a degree of difficulty when building a geodome, and the cost is typically higher than many greenhouses.

What are its benefits?

Picking ripe fruits or berries and growing plants that do not grow in cold climates are an obvious benefit of greenhouses. It can also be a place to warm up during cooler days. For geodomes, the benefits go beyond typical aesthetics. Geodomes are:

  1. Made of stable and strong structures, which are unique, sturdy or lightweight
  2. Wind resistant, due to the aerodynamical feature of its shape
  3. Good light absorbers, optimally capturing enough light that only plants need
  4. Built with the intention to produce the most growing ground space
  5. Multi-purpose, as they can be used as a place to hang out or as an eco-classroom
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Geodomes are the perfect greenhouses, all because of its engineering, purpose, and aesthetics. Growing plants in the winter is not just easy with a geodome, it can also be uniquely relaxing.