Get into the Motel Business: What’s in It for You

Posted on Feb 22 2017 - 1:00am

Motels in VictoriaAre you looking for your next business venture in Victoria? Why not go into the hospitality business, such as motels or hotels? Motels are a good entry in the hospitality industry, no matter if you are a first-time business owner, a seasoned motelier, or an investor. Unlike other types of lodging service in the industry, you only need to acquire a leasehold to get into the motel business. The number of motels for sale in Victoria offer you a promising entry into the hospitality trade.

Great Return on Investment (ROI)

One of the benefits of motel management and ownership is a high level of return on investment (ROI). Of course, the level of ROI you receive will depend on the location of the motel, the duration of the lease, the rental rates, services that your motel offers. These days, the tourism industry is thriving, and many local and international tourists often want to experience Australia’s outback and its long stretches of roads. Your modest investment could give you a higher profit margin if you choose the right location for your motel.

On-site Living

Motels allow you, the motel operator, to live on-site to make motel management more convenient. If you have family, living on-site affords you the luxury of spending more time with your spouse and children.

Long Leases, One Lessor, No License

The leaseholds for motels last for decades. Motels can be a great business for you, if you plan to work on it for a long time. You also only have to deal with the motel lessor or the owner of the lot of the motel, when thinking about motel decisions. Finally, you can work in a motel without some form of license. However, if you want to sell alcohol in your restaurant, you may need to get a liquor license.

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Motel ownership and management offers the budding business owner or investor a good entry into the hospitality industry. If this is something you’ve dreamt of for some time, you should consult a hotel broker to help you find the right location for your venture into this thriving industry.