Getting Stylish with Your Fencing: 4 Ways to Do It

Posted on Jan 17 2018 - 2:32pm

Man building a fence with combining elementsFences are great additions to your home, as they provide privacy and define your property’s boundaries. Another reason homeowners choose to install a fencing system is it could boost the curb appeal of their home instantly. To do that, there are some design tricks and ideas you must learn:

Horizontal Slats

Achieve a minimalist yet elegant feel to your fences by using horizontal slats instead of its usual vertical orientation. This would look more stunning if you choose black and white shades for your fencing system. What’s more is this type of fence is easy to maintain and is considered as tough, especially when you use wood or metal privacy fence.

Solid Concrete

Give off an upgraded look to your old and boring slatted fence by going for solid concrete walls. Coat the weathered blocks with cement to add texture to the surface and make it more stylish. You may go for geometric lines or other patterns to add character to it, too. If you want, it’s possible to incorporate other elements, such as bricks, stones, and tiles.

Combining Elements

Another great fence idea is combining two or more materials. Some of the best combinations include wood slats to metal sheets, wood slats to stone slab walls, and brick walls with metal slats. You can practically experiment on any type of material as long as it matches your personality and that the flow follows the overall architecture of your home. Never set aside, however, the amount of maintenance work it requires. Otherwise, you might have a hard time keeping them looking their best for years.

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Privacy Plants

Make your fence look more lush and greener by building a wall of vines. Although this is not entirely a new idea, it provides a refreshing and cool facade to your outdoors. What’s more is it requires little work, as a simple chain-link fence would do the trick.

Make your home’s outdoor look more appealing with these fencing tips and tricks. All you need is a little creativity and effort to bring these ideas to life.