Here Are 4 Mistakes That Could Invalidate Your Appliance’s Warranty

Posted on Mar 8 2018 - 1:00am

woman cleaning room with vacuum cleanerOne of the first things consumers want to know when buying an appliance is what its manufacturer’s warranty covers. Typically, a warranty will cover at least a full year, although there are exceptions. It’s important to avoid these four errors that could mess up the warranty before its time is over.

Skipping maintenance

Just because a warranty covers your furnace does not mean that you can neglect it. If upon inspection, it becomes clear that your AC isn’t functioning properly due to poor maintenance, the manufacturer can invalidate your warranty. That’s why you need to find a reliable broken appliance repair and maintenance professional like Best Home Appliance in Salt Lake City to help keep your appliances in top shape.

Installing the system yourself

Sure, you’ll save a couple of hundred dollars right now if you install your central heating system. That sounds like an awesome idea until the system starts misbehaving and the manufacturer won’t listen to you since you didn’t get a professional to do the installation. So, no matter how much of a DIY enthusiast you are, let the experts handle appliance installations.

Buying replacement parts from unauthorized dealers

The internet is a great place to find incredible deals on appliance parts. However, it’s important that you only buy genuine parts from authorized sellers. You can easily find information on who you should buy from on relevant websites. Buying from any other dealers could easily void your warranty.

Failure to keep maintenance records

So, you’ve faithfully observed the maintenance schedule of your appliances until now, when the appliance simply won’t work. You want to call the manufacturer and inform them of the situation. The trouble is, you can’t prove that the appliance was well maintained. See the problem? Save yourself from all that by storing all your repair receipts and invoices.

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Your manufacturer provides a warranty for a reason, and it’s a prudent idea to protect it as well as you can. Usually, it’s all a matter of avoiding a few simple mistakes that could prove costly.