Holiday Lighting: LED vs Incandescent Rope Light

Posted on Apr 21 2016 - 4:02am

Christmas Lighting in St. PaulIt was supposed to be easy to determine whether LED was the right move to make when it comes to Christmas lighting. Unfortunately, it is never that simple. You need to compare LED and Incandescent light ropes to get it right. Weigh the pros and cons before buying. 

Incandescent is safe

Most people have opinions when it comes to municipal holiday decorations. They are also willing to share, especially if they know it is not going to appear anywhere in the publications. Ask anyone who has been decorating their home for Christmas and you will notice how everyone is comfortable with the incandescent lights. This has been tested and tried over the years, industry experts at explain. It is not surprising therefore that the reluctance to move to LED is real. 

Incandescent is affordable

The fact that it costs just two dollars made it even more acceptable. It is never an issue when a string goes bad because you can easily replace it. Even with slight price increment, an incandescent string is generally affordable. The only issue is that these string lights can cause the electric bill to shoot.

Changing to LED: The good and the bad

Even with numerous advantages of incandescent and the need to stick with them, LED is the way to go. The first LED uses minimal electricity meaning that the problem of electric bills over the holidays is solved for the last time. However, you should be prepared for the cost the change brings. While you will be able to make impressive saves on the energy bills, the cost of buying LED lighting is more than 100% that of buying incandescent. Even so, at a cost of 6 dollars, you will be able to save more than 112 dollars in electric bills rather than buying incandescent at 25 cents.

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In the end, LED light ropes are the way to go when choosing holiday lightings. After all, your money will determine what you opt for.