Home Maintenance 101: 5 Effective Ways to Save Your Deck

Posted on Sep 14 2016 - 7:10am

Roof Deck in MinnesotaAlong with your roof, the decks are highly exposed to various elements all year round. That's why it is always a good thing to regularly inspect them to save and protect your outdoor space. To further boost the value of your home, here are some simple ways to help clean and renew your deck in just a span of hours.

Sweep off the Debris

Remove all loose debris or dirt by sweeping off the surface of your deck thoroughly. You may use a basic broom or brush to accomplish this task. For the in-between gaps or spaces, you may use a putty knife to work around the edges or panel of your outdoor area.

Power Wash Your Deck

Scour away dirt and dust that are ingrained in the floor with the help of pressure washer. You may either rent one or use a garden hose to properly wash the surface and every corner of your space. Add in a not too strong cleaning solution to wipe out any speck of dust effectively. Be sure to rinse it clean as you finish up.

Give Your Plants and Shrubs a Good Trim

Overgrown plants and flowers might be too unsightly for your home. It will not only obstruct your view but can also damage the overall integrity of your deck when left untended. A reminder, if you're going to power wash your deck, cover up your plants with plastic sheets or bags to protect them from the intense pressure of the spraying water, says an expert from Rooftodeck.com.

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Repair and Replace When It is Due

Now that you've cleaned up your deck, it is easy to spot if there's a need for repair or replacement. Look for any loose or missing screws on your deck panels and fix them up immediately. This is a good precautionary step to avoid further deterioration in your system.

Request for Professional Deck Services

If you think the work is too much for you to handle, then don't hesitate to call professional deck cleaning services in MN. This will save you time and effort in doing the task yourself. It covers all types of services that are dedicated to keeping your deck looking its best inside-out.

A clean and well-maintained deck can give you more than just a pleasant outdoor view, but also a peace of mind that you and your family can comfortably live in your home. Take note of these reminders to avoid dealing with bigger problems in the future.