How Can You Eliminate Bedbugs?

Posted on May 16 2018 - 9:18am

a bedbugNothing is more embarrassing than being seen with bedbugs. The first thing that comes to people’s mind when they hear of bedbugs is a lack of proper hygiene.

This will say a lot about you more than the pests you have. It now becomes necessary to know of ways to prevent and eliminate a bedbug infestation to your home.

If you can’t do it yourself, enlist the assistance of pest control firms in New England.

How do you prevent bedbugs’ infestation to your home?

Terminating a bedbug infestation can be messy. They are a menace to deal with due to their ability to hide in corners. However, the below are ways of preventing a bedbug infestation:

• Change your beddings, especially the mattress and box spring, periodically like every 2-3 years to eradicate the risk of outbreaks
• Use a vacuum cleaner often and more regularly when you suspect a bug infestation
• Get rid of things you don’t need in your house as they are the hiding places for bugs and other pests
• Always treat travel bags to ensure you don’t bring bugs to your house after travel

How do you treat a bedbug infestation?

You can do your best to ensure your house remains bug-free but then the inevitable happens. Getting rid of bedbugs is a process that includes:

• Identifying the pest you are dealing with. Make sure you are dealing with bedbugs and not any other pest so you can get the right pesticide
• Decide on the best way to kill them without throwing away stuff that can be salvaged • Make it hard for them to hide by eliminating clutter and unused things in your house
• Wash your beddings regular and iron them to kill bedbug eggs
• Decide on either to kill them with heat or freeze them. Freezing may not always work though

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If you are unable to control pest by yourself, there are pest experts that will do it for you. It is just a phone call away.