How to Maintain a Smooth-Running Cooling System

Posted on Feb 7 2018 - 9:11pm

Man installing HVAC systemKeeping a well-maintained HVAC system is important for your family’s comfort. And as the weather changes throughout the year so do your systems. Needing a repair right in the middle of summer may not be the most pleasant experience to have.

Desert Star Heating and Air, an HVAC company in Riverton, believes that emergency AC repairs should be a timely process done by professionals. No one wants to spend too much time without central cooling. That’s why you have the responsibility of keeping your system well-maintained. Here’s how.

1. Clean or replace your filters regularly.

If too much dust clogs your filter, it will stop cool air from flowing, making your system work harder. Check and clean them once a month to keep them from accumulating too much dust and dirt.

2. Vacuum reachable parts.

Most home vacuum cleaners have nozzles for those hard-to-reach places. Use them to clean your system to make sure it continues to run smoothly without the obstruction of dirt.

3. Keep vents clear.

Clogged vents pump the air back through the pipes that can cause your system to malfunction. Make sure furniture, carpets, or curtains do not cover them.

4. Do test runs.

Before the summer comes, do a test run to see if it needs any adjustment. This will give you enough time to prepare for the coming heat and avoid a sweaty day inside the house.

5. Do spot checks.

Checking ducts for any leaves or dirt can help you avoid needed repairs within the season. If you notice any dirt accumulation or anything unusual, don’t hesitate to check it out or to call a professional.

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Remember that your unit is just like a car. It will need regular tune-ups and maintenance checks to ensure one hundred percent quality performance. Take care of your heating and cooling system, and it will surely take care of your whole family in return.