How to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

Posted on Oct 7 2017 - 1:00am

Guest room of a luxury homeIf you are the type of person who enjoys hosting dinners, parties and getaways for relatives and friends, you likely often find yourself looking for new ways to make your guests feel as comfortable as they can ever be. You do not need to spend a lot to make your guests feel at home away from home. Just ensure that they get a good rest during their stay in your humble abode.

However, if you do want to take the game to another level, here are few ways you can turn your guest room into an elegant hideaway and make your visitors feel like royalty.

The Secrets of Hotels and B&Bs

Take your cue from the best hotels and the most sought B&Bs around, and start with a cozy mattress and soft linens and sheets. Whether it is the summer season or the winter months, it is a good choice to buy bamboo sheets for the bed. Bamboo sheets have thermo-regulating properties, which can keep you cool during summer and warm during winter. A couple of extra fluffy pillows and comforter will also help ensure your guests get a good night’s sleep.

You might also want to provide your visitors with a reading lamp within easy reach from the bed. A power strip for extra outlets to charge electronic devices or plug in a laptop is also very welcome.

The Welcome Is in the Details

Keep a basket on the nightstand to hold some necessities like lip balm, lotion, mints, a couple of protein bars for late-night snacks, eye drops, and travel-size tissue packet. Keep a bath towel, face cloth, shower gel or soap, and a toothbrush/toothpaste on a chair for your guests to use.

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A printout of local restaurants and interesting places to visit nearby is also extremely helpful if your guests are planning to stay a little bit longer. All of these small but well-thought touches will surely make your guests feel extra comfortable and remember your home’s warmth forever.