How to Make your Office Move Fun and Exciting

Posted on Apr 27 2018 - 3:34am

Employees carrying packing boxesWhether you are expanding your location or looking to transfer to a different commercial space, moving your office equipment is never an easy task. There are lots to think of including moving the desktops, tables, chairs, and so much more.

Hiring an Anaheim, CA moving company should be your number one priority when relocating offices. This will make the transition easier and so much smoother, as you’d have professional hands help you with the packing and moving.

Today, we will discuss some ways on how to make your office move easier and faster.

What Type of Plan should I Have?

Ask someone who’s accustomed to transferring offices about the whole process. Make a plan for everything including what to transfer first, when to update the internet and phone services that your employees will be using, obtaining the permits needed in the new location, the licenses, and of course, the insurance policies.

Your employees should still be able to work in your current office while the transfer is happening, so make sure to ask assistance from one of them to make sure everything will go as planned.

When Should I Start Hiring Movers and Packers?

You should start hiring a packing company at least three months before the move. They would know what to pack first and what can come later on.

For the moving process, you should book an appointment with a moving company at least a month before the final move. You would want to secure your slot with them, which is why you should do it right away.

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Do your research and look for a company that has positive reviews. You can also ask your friends and family for recommendations, so you’re sure that the move will be smooth and easy.

Who Should I Update about the Move?

Update your vendors and employees about the move. Let them know right away once the plan has been finalized so they would know what and when to anticipate it. You would not want to miss any important messages from your vendors, which is why you should update them on the move at least three months before you get out of your current office.

Moving offices can be a smooth transition if you plan it properly. Do not be afraid to ask help from your employees and moving companies to make sure that everything goes well.