How to Prepare Your Home for Heavy Rains

Posted on Aug 15 2017 - 1:00am

Heavy rainSalt Lake City in Utah receives precipitation any time of the year, but spring is when the heavy pounding occurs. Flooding is an obvious challenge during a heavy downpour. However, other problems may also give your home a serious beating.

Preparation is essential. As you prepare your home for the rains, remember to work on the gutters, too.

Clear Debris and Obstacles

Leaves, branches and other debris are notorious for causing serious blockage in downpipes and gutters. The ensuing overflow can find its way into the walls or roof and cause extensive damage. According to an article in, clear every drain around the house and remove potted plants from drainage gates to keep water pools at bay.

Inspect Gutters and Downspouts

While on the roof, make sure to inspect the gutters thoroughly. We have already touched on clearing debris, but that is not enough. Seams are very essential so you would want to check them. Make sure the affixation to the home is sturdy enough to withstand a storm. As for the downspouts, check for proper functioning, that is, their capability to direct water away from the house. Calling rain gutter repair services in Salt Lake City, such as Double T. Inc., will also come in handy in case you unearth problems in the system.

Check Siding Condition

Like the roof, the siding plays a crucial role in keeping rain away. However good your siding is, though, water may still get underneath, especially if there are horizontal winds and heavy rains. says, therefore, this is the time to make sure this part of the home defense is in good working condition.

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Preparing the home for heavy rains requires preparation on all fronts, covering not only the roof, but also the siding and home surroundings. After you have prepared the emergency kit, checked the insurance and done everything else pertaining to minimizing storm effects, the most important thing remains: how well rain gutters and the rest of the house can cope.