How to Protect Your Family from Lead-Contaminated Soil

Posted on Jun 22 2018 - 9:14pm

Inspector checking lead contaminationIf you have younger children, it’s extremely vital to find out if there’s a risk of lead exposure in your home. This is particularly true if your house was constructed prior to 1978. Aside from lead in paint, which is the top culprit of lead poisoning in children, did you know that the seemingly safe soil in your backyard might have lead in it?

Reducing Lead Exposure from Soil

Lead naturally occurs in our environment and some areas have higher concentrations of it than others. Aerolite Group and other home inspection specialists in Salt Lake City adds that the soil in your backyard could become contaminated, as well. This is especially true if lead-based paint from your home or surrounding properties peels or flakes and gets into your soil.

Lead contamination could likewise occur from past usage of gasoline with lead in vehicles, industrial sources, workplaces, and contaminated sites like past lead smelters. Your children could accidentally ingest lead from the contaminated soil when playing outside and getting their soiled fingers in contact with their mouths, from consuming vegetables and fruits that might have been contaminated with lead, inhaled when re-suspended in the air, or even through footwear tracked into the home.

Where to Check for Contamination

Inspect your home’s exterior, including walls, fences, and porches, for deteriorating or flaking lead-based paint. Avoid tracking lead-laden soil into your house by placing doormats inside and outside every entryway and removing footwear prior to entering the house. Of course, make sure that your children always have clean hands after playing outdoors and before eating.

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It’s also important to note that some older playground equipment might still be painted with lead-based paints and that synthetic turf and surfaces in some playgrounds made from rubber could also contain lead. Fortunately, you could safeguard your children by keeping the abovementioned tips in mind. The Environmental Protection Agency also strongly recommends that you get your home professionally inspected for potential sources of lead, so you take the necessary steps to remove it from your home and ensure the safety of your family.