HVAC Overview: The Parts of an HVAC System and Their Function

Posted on Apr 1 2016 - 4:40am

HVAC System in Salt Lake CityThe HVAC system in your home is a versatile machine providing heat during winter and working as a complete air conditioner for the entire house during summer. However, it’s highly recommended that all homeowners must have a basic knowledge of the working and parts of the heating and cooling system installed in their houses.

Whether you live in Salt Lake City or not, any reputable HVAC repair company will tell you that it’s important to know how the heating and cooling system of your home works. This will help you properly identify any issues arising with the machine.

Here are some of the most important parts of an HVAC system and their corresponding functions.


This is the main part of the entire cooling system. Its primary function is to reduce the temperature of the air before blowing it into your house. So if you find that the air blown back is too cold, then the compressor is malfunctioning and you need to get it repaired immediately.


The condenser coil consists of refrigerant fluid, which reduces the temperature of the air flowing out of the system. The coolant fluid needs to be replenished occasionally so that the HVAC system works efficiently.

Meter device or thermostat

The metering device keeps the temperature of the air flowing out constant. Moreover, the thermostat ensures that the entire house is cooled uniformly. The thermostat is primarily an electrical device so it’s essential that its circuits are working properly, to ensure uniform cooling of your home.

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Duct system

This is a complex system of pipes that blows cool air into the different rooms of your house. The duct pipes must be kept clean to ensure uniform cooling of your house.

So if you need efficient cooling of your home, ensure that the entire HVAC system is well maintained and working properly.