Ice Dams are Not for Weak Roofs

Posted on Feb 13 2017 - 2:43am

Snow removal services in St. PaulWinters in Minnesota seem magical. Snow “paves” the streets, and light, white flakes bathe the Twin Cities seems picturesque, until the snow turns roads icy and not fit for driving, and a full on storm blankets Minneapolis/St. Paul in freezing temperatures. But apart from the bitter cold, you also have to worry about ice dams on your roof.

A Destructive Ice Dam

When snow melts on the roof, and then freezes at the eaves, it forms an ice dam. The snow melts because heat comes through your roof. Ice dams are bad because they can cause a few problems for your property. One, the water can back up into your house and wreak havoc on your ceiling, walls, and insulation. Two, they can loosen shingles and disengage your gutters. And three, the ice could fall on someone in your yard.

You’ll have to deal with even thicker ice when snow continues to fall. With winter dumping inches of snow on your roof and heat transfer in your house, the damage to your property creates further hazards. The weight of the ice can cause ceilings to sag. Meanwhile, the water can leave you with soggy insulation in the attic, which could cause mold and mildew.

Whether it’s a structural integrity or health scare, you need to prevent ice dams to save your family from harm.

A Doable Solution

To address the issue, go to the root cause of the problem: the formation of ice dams. But don’t forcefully remove accumulated snow and ice dam because it can scratch the surface of your roof. It’s also dangerous for you.

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Instead, apply preventive measures that include getting professionals to get rid of snow on your property. Snow removal services in St. Paul can work on your roof, and ensure that you don’t have to deal with ice dams in the coming weeks.

A permanent solution to your problem is to maintain a stable temperature for your roof. Increase ventilation and improve insulation. And look for areas where leaks occur, then seal them off.

A snow-covered roof complete with ice dams and icicle formations may look good on pictures and postcards. In reality, they can destroy your harm and create hazardous situations. Avoid the miserable effect of winter in Minnesota. Stop ice dam formation, and keep your home and your loved ones safe.