Increase Home Pool Safety: Know Your Options

Posted on Sep 22 2015 - 12:00am

poolHomeowners with kids who have a pool at home know how important it is to keep the pool and its surrounding area safe. It’s a given that adult supervision is necessary when children are in the water. You have to be in the pool with them if they’re very young. But keeping kids away from the pool is challenging, given the lure of water for these young ones.

Fence Around the Pool

Don’t make the pool so accessible that kids can just go out of the house and walk right into it. Either lock the patio doors or install safety barriers around the pool itself. You don’t necessarily have to hire a contractor, but at least consider DIY fences. For your DIY pool fence, recommends self-closing hate hinges to avoid accidents.

Note that hedges and furniture don’t count as barriers. And don’t put chairs, tables or any items that kids can easily climb to get into the fenced area.

Pool Safety Devices

There are many gadgets and devices developed to make pools safer. Get an alarm that alerts homeowners that someone or something has gone into the water, or an automatic cover that slides close like a garage door. The latter needs to cover the entire pool so there’s no way for a child to slip under and fall in accidentally.

Alarms strapped to children are also available so parents or guardians are aware in case kids fall in or jump into the water. Still, devices that keep the kids from having access to the poolside won’t help unless there’s a person nearby to respond in case of emergency.

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Safety Means Constant Supervision

Nothing beats constant supervision to keep kids safe. This means not taking your eyes off the kids even for a while because bad things can happen in a snap. Bring the kid along if you have to leave the pool area. Also, it’s important for parents with pools in their homes to know CPR. You never know when it will come in handy.

There are items that can improve the safety of your pool area. But it’s still important to be mindful of what your children are doing. Coupled with alarms, fences, and other safety items, your supervision can keep your child safe.