Issues with Your Air Conditioner that May Require Repair

Posted on Jun 20 2018 - 2:34am

Cleaning solution being sprayed on a home air conditioning unitAn air conditioning unit is made up of various components, which leave it exposed to a range of problems. However, some parts experience more problems within a short period, thus necessitating urgent repairs.

The good news is this doesn’t always mean that the air conditioner has reached its end of life. Sometimes, the problems are indicative of wear and tear and can be fixed.

Here are some common issues that may arise over time, hence requiring AC repair services.

Fan Issues

An air conditioner has two fans: the condenser fan, which is located in the outdoor unit, and the blower also known as the evaporator fan located in the indoor unit. The blower helps in pushing cool air inside your ductwork into the house system while the condenser gets rid of the heat inside your home. Fans develop problems such as failed motors, faulty belts, and loose or bent blades.

Refrigerant Leaks

Although they are common in air conditioners, refrigerant leaks are difficult to find. Leaks normally reduce the quantity of the refrigerant in the entire system leading to poor air quality in your home. Refrigerant leaks are characterized by hissing sounds from the indoor ac unit, frozen coils, registers unable to blow cold air, and escalated electricity bills.

Compressor Issues

A compressor is meant to pressurize the refrigerant to release the heat. It is a system on its own in that; it has a motor and a bit of electric wiring. A faulty compressor is characterized by tripping of the circuit breaker, vibration on the outdoor unit when starting, a noisy condenser, and blowing of warm air from the system. Compressors are complicated and would require a professional to address any motor or electrical hitches that may arise.

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The best and easiest way of preventing repairs is through proper maintenance. Maintenance sessions help in highlighting possible problems, saving you from expensive repairs or breakdowns that will necessitate complete replacement.