Key Ratings That Should Influence Your Air Conditioner Choice

Posted on May 10 2018 - 6:15pm

man adjusting a split-type ACAir conditioners are among the highest costing home appliances. Getting a perfect system that justifies this cost is essential. A good system will serve you for a prolonged period, and its maintenance will be cheap making it a worthy investment in the long run.

Getting air conditioning companies in Florida to advice you on the best choice is prudent. There are various ratings the company will advise you to base your decision on. Here are some of these ratings.

Cooling Capacity

This rating defines your air conditioner’s cooling capacity range. The ideal cooling capacity rating you should opt for is over 30000 Btu/h and not less than 9000 Btu/h. The specific cooling capacity is determined by the space in which the air conditioner will be used.

Energy Efficiency

Several ratings measure your unit’s energy efficiency. The coefficient of performance (COP) denotes your system’s cooling capacity in relation to its energy consumption. For maximum effectiveness, a COP of not less than three is recommended. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio(SEER) determines your air conditioner’s cooling efficiency with a particular power input and the current recommended minimum is 14. Heat season performance (HSPF) is similar to SEER but measures your system’s power consumption over an entire season. An HSPF rating of not less than 8.2 is ideal.

Sound or Noise Level

Ductless split air conditioners have indoor and outdoor units. To ensure the comfort of your indoors, the sound rating of your air conditioner is an essential consideration. An indoor noise level of 21dBA and 50dBA for the outdoor unit is ideal though your system’s capacity primarily influences this.

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After purchasing the best air conditioner based on the above ratings, professional installation will ensure the system works efficiently. You should also let the same professionals handle all routine maintenance and repairs. This way, your air conditioner is sure to last a long time and prove a worthy investment.