Known and Trending Remedies for Home Rodent Invasion

Posted on Sep 20 2018 - 9:25am

ratSeeing an alive or dead rat is not the only sure sign that you have a rodent infestation at home. Sometimes, the only sign suggesting their presence is consistent scratching sounds from the attic. In other homes, rat and mice announce their presence with tiny gnawing marks on furniture.

Pantry remedies

Some homeowners would rather try natural, homemade remedies than buy the latest and most popular rodent killer. Rat poison is harmful to domestic animals and human beings as well. If you wish to avoid hazardous substances, then spend a few minutes in the pantry to look for natural rat repellents. Better yet, call a rodent exterminator in Salt Lake City, as recommended by Greenside Pest Control.

Every household has a pepper shaker and they come in handy for pest extermination purposes. Sprinkle pepper on obvious rat holes. Rats are unable to breathe when they inhale the aromatic compounds in pepper. Naturally, peppermint is another option. Peppermint oil has the same effect as plain pepper.

Bay leaf eliminates rats by choking them if they chew and swallow it. Onions area also fatal to rats, and they usually end up dead after ingesting onion placed near their holes as bait.

Control regimen

Some exterminators are advocates of an integrated control regimen. For them, an integrated approach sees the problem as the multi-faceted issue that it is. The approach highlights the importance of implementing preventive measures. A pest control regimen focuses on preventing the escalation of a pending infestation. A large-scale invasion is easy for rats to pull off since they reproduce quickly and efficiently.

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Baits and Traps

Traditionally, an exterminator places traps and baits when called upon to deal with a rat infestation. Professionals know how to best use these implements and where to place them based on the known habits and behaviors of different rat species.

Smudge marks on the walls and droppings here and there are undeniable evidence of an infestation. If you look with more attention, you might find burrows in the yard as well. Deal with the rodent problem today. Ask for professional help to ensure a positive result.