Looking to Stream a “Let’s Play” Game? Make Sure You Have This Equipment

Posted on Jan 23 2018 - 6:33pm

pc and game consoleAn awesome way to display your in-game skills, as well as your entertainment chops, is to share your gameplay exploits with family, friends, and (in the future) adoring fans. If you are planning to launch your Let’s Play streaming career, however, it’s important that you have the right equipment so you can make your dream career a reality. When shopping for your upcoming Let’s Play stream, keep these pieces of equipment in mind.

A High-Quality CPU

When it comes to streaming, the central processing unit (CPU) handles most of the work. Playing a game while streaming, however, can be a demanding task for a CPU. Moreover, the workload becomes heavier when you plan to stream in a higher resolution. So, go for a quality CPU that can produce a decent-looking stream at reasonable frame rates and resolutions.

A Decent Camera and Microphone

Having good visuals will not matter if your audience is unable to connect to a face, a voice, and a personality. Thus, it’s crucial to have a working webcam and microphone. If you’re starting out, or are on a budget, you’ll find many USB 1080p webcams worth less than $100. If you have the money, check out tech news sites, such as WiseTech Report, that feature preferred camera gear which YouTubers use to stream their games. See if you can get a similar camera for your Let’s Play stream.

Regarding good mics, try to find a shock mount and boom mic so you won’t bother viewers with the sounds of your mouse and keyboard in the background.

A Reliable Capture Card

cpuIf you plan to capture footage from a video game console, such as Xbox, buy a capture card so you can record the footage and transfer it to your computer. Capture cards usually have their own software for streaming and recording. If you want more control over the recording process, feel free to add your capture card as a video source within a popular streaming program, such as Open Broadcaster Software.

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Before streaming your Let’s Play game, make sure you have a great CPU, camera, microphone, and capture card. Once you have your equipment ready, remember to sign up with a popular streaming platform such as Twitch or YouTube.