Maintaining Independence with the Help of an Accessible Bathtub

Posted on Apr 5 2018 - 9:14am

a bathroomIf daily tasks are more difficult and self-care is a struggle in advancing age, it’s not always necessary to move to a senior care facility. An accessible bathtub and mobility aids can help seniors maintain independence.

As people age, their balance may become less stable, their bones weaker and prone to injury. This combination makes accidents that may cause fractures and other injuries more likely. It’s important to consider every possible option to ensure the safety and well-being of your aging loved one.

Making the Home Accessible

For people who only need a small or moderate amount of help, making the house more accessible could be the ultimate solution. Heavenly Walk In Tubs explains that many accidents happen in the bathroom. A high-quality bathtub designed for the elderly can be of great help. It has features that make it easy to use without assistance and it can reduce the risks of accidents.

Easy Access – Users can get in via a side opening door without having to step over the bathtub. Some models accommodate wheelchair users by having a flat access drop-down panel.

Temperature-Controlled Faucets – The water is never too hot, so they won’t burn their skin.

Grab Handles – Having grab bars and a non-slip floor can help prevent accidents.

Heated Seating – A warm seat adds comfort and keeps seniors from catching a chill.

Portable – The portable design involves no plumbing, saves space, and can be moved to any room with a faucet.

For seniors who want to stay in their own house, safety products like a walk-in tub will allow them to maintain independence and avoid accidents. Consider these options before you decide to send your aging loved one to a nursing home.

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