Maintenance Solutions to Enhance Your HVAC’s Energy Performance

Posted on Oct 23 2017 - 3:49am

Technician maintaining HVACMost Draper residents take HVAC maintenance lightly and having an under-performing air conditioning system could be the reason your energy bills continue to rise. Refusing to institutionalize a routine for HVAC cleaning and maintenance can lead to serious problems.

Some of the critical maintenance solutions you should follow up on keenly are:

Tube Cleaning

HVAC experts in Draper recommend that you use water treatment to clean the tubes of your air conditioning system. This method is highly useful when you have microbes clogging the chiller tubes, which limits the amount of cool air that transfers through these pipes.

Iron deposits and scale can further compound heat transfer reduction. As a result of this clogging, your air conditioner consumes more energy to counter heat loss during transfer.

Tube cleaning can save you over 15% of your energy bills by eliminating the microbes. The amount of energy consumption here will be higher if the maintenance involves getting rid of the layer of iron deposits that build up over time.

Fixing Leaks in Compressors

You can tell that your air conditioner has leak issues when the amount of airflow in the chiller drops. Your HVAC system will them begin to experience high temperature. When this air reaches the condenser, it displaces the refrigerant vapor and blankets the condenser tubes, further causing pressure fluctuations.

Statistics have it that a one-psi change in air pressure in the condenser reduces the chiller’s efficiency by 3%. Also, energy consumption rises by 1.5% when the temperature of the air that is leaving the condenser increases by 1°F.

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You already know that it is essential you carry out regular maintenance of your HVAC system for maintaining high-energy efficiency, unit performance, and durability. Include the tasks mentioned above in your routine along with other processes, and you are good to go.