Making Your Home a Safer Place for Your Toddlers

Posted on Jul 24 2018 - 9:17am

a kid playing his toysYour little kids are your breath of fresh air in your busy lives. But, face it: toddlers are a lot of work. Much as you want to, you cannot keep an eye on your toddler 24/7. Much as you want to believe, there are still potential dangers for your kids at home. Childproofing helps ensure their safety.

Bigger Picture

  • Floor: If your toddler loves rolling around or sleeping on the floor, make sure it’s clean. For busy parents, the floor should be low-maintenance. A good choice is laminate flooring. Several companies in Santa Ana can help you with this.
  • Door: There are places you don’t want your kids to go without supervision, such as the bathroom and outdoors. Aside from your door knobs, install slide locks where your kids can’t reach.
  • Staircase: Baby gates are the best way to restrict your kids from running up and down the stairs. Install them at the top and bottom of the staircase.
  • Kitchen: Cover stove knobs and put latches on the oven and the refrigerator. Put a lid on the trash so your kids don’t go through it.

Smaller Details

  • Electrical sockets: For some reason, kids love poking around electrical outlets. To avoid shock, cover all electrical outlets with plastic outlet caps. If you have to use the outlet, don’t forget to put the cap back on when you’re done.
  • Breakable and chemicals: Fragile objects and breakables may injure your kids. To avoid this, store all breakables where your kids can’t reach. Your vase may complete the room, but it’s not safe when there are kids running around. Also, store medicines, insecticides and cleaning agents in locked cabinets.
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At this point in their lives, toddlers become more independent. They are also more inquisitive and tend to play with everything. You don’t have to stop them from learning, but don’t put their curiosity above their safety.