Making Your Home Pet-Friendly’s Keeping Your Swimming Pool Safe

Posted on Oct 27 2015 - 4:46am

Swimming Pool Fence With all the pet-friendly features you’ve incorporated, you may think your house is as pet-friendly as can be. Add your DIY pet projects, and you could conclude no harm is going to befall your pet. However, unless you’ve included your swimming pool in your to do list, chances are you have not done enough to keep your fave pooch safe.

Putting Things in Perspective

There’s a reason why in Australia, swimming pools are increasingly becoming more and more of a fixture in every household.  Owe it to the sweltering summer heat getting warmer year after year and on sharks giving many negative impressions lately on many Aussie beaches. More and more homes are giving a piece of their backyard to a sizable pool of water.

Perth is Australia’s swimming-pool heartland, according to a Roy Morgan recent survey . The capital of Western Australia is racking in almost 18% of total number of residents going home to a swimming pool in their household. That’s noteworthy, considering Sydney’s posted but 16%.

Uplifting as it sounds, that’s not the end of the story.  Just in 2013, Perth doctors issued a warning aimed mainly at dog owners: Pet dogs drowning in swimming pools were on the rise.

Start with the Pool

No matter how pet-friendly your house is, if you have not installed safety measures for your pool, everything may come to naught.  To give your pet protection, fencing your pool is imperative. Glass pool fencing from, for instance, would give your pool premises protection from accidental pet entry while at the same time giving it a classic modern look.

While being vigilant is a plus, note that you are bound to be out of the house some time or the other. The perimeter defence makes sure your fave hairy friend doesn’t wander even when you’re not around.

It’s going to cost for sure, but when your pool is pet-friendly, you sleep well at night rest assured that your pet is safe and sound in the comfort of home.