Mold Busters: Detecting Growth in Your Apartment

Posted on Nov 13 2015 - 6:11am

Wood Apartment in UtahMolds are natural occurrences in decomposing matter. They are made up of microorganisms that eat away at items such as wood. They can weaken parts of the house and even cause sickness in some. They may release invisible spores in the air you might accidentally breathe. People living with asthma or any other respiratory problem may suffer greatly from these attacks. You may not be aware of it, but there could be molds growing right where you leave. Here is how to detect their presence.

Understand what they feed on

Molds grow in dark places where there is an abundance in humidity. They often grow in places close to water, such as the bathroom or ventilation shafts in air conditioning systems. When there are leaks in your home, molds may build up from the ceiling. Where the water drops such as the carpet or wooden floor, they may also thrive. Follow sources of water or find out which spaces in your home have the greatest concentration of humidity.

Molds cause a distinct smell

One way of telling a part of your home may suffer from molds is the smell of the area. It creates a musty smell you can typically get from wet wood or paper. On a hot day, places in your house that collect water from the rain may release this kind of smell. Rooms bathing in moisture from vapor without proper ventilation may promote mold growth.

Water marks are also a good indicator that molds may start sprouting in the area. Before they infest your home, use solutions to keep your rooms free of moisture. Buy dehumidifiers to control the amount of moisture in the air. Get help for mold removal before it starts affecting your family’s health. Leave the job to professionals in ridding your home of these dangerous elements.