No Pests Allowed: How to Safeguard your Herb Garden from Pests

Posted on May 3 2016 - 5:46am

Gardening in Salt Lake CityHerb growing issues tend to be manageable as long as you follow some simple guidelines. A majority of herbs love the sun and need six hours or sun exposure daily. They likewise love well-drained soil with a suitable pH between six and seven, plus organic compost.

However, no matter how you protect your herb garden, you will still see some common pests such as aphids, weevils, slugs, and spider mites, but you can prevent them from overrunning your herb garden.

Safeguard your Herb Garden from Pests

The fragrant, essential oils of many herbs actually act as a natural pest repellent to plenty of pests. Despite this, however, there may be times that pests can still encroach your garden and disturb your plants. The great news is that majority of these pesky pets are only that — pests — and they don’t typically cause devastating damage.

That said, here are some practical guidelines according to a pest control service expert in Salt Lake City for safeguarding your precious herbs:

  • Select healthy herbs that are easy to plant and maintain. Plan them in an environment best suited for them — dry or sunny, humid or moist. Research well to learn about the most ideal spot for each of your herbs.
  • Proper fertilization and irrigation are musts. Fertilize and irrigate on a set schedule and enable your herbs some time to dry in between watering sets. Additionally, weed between your herbs to deter pests and promote healthy roots and foliage.
  • Never crowd your herbs. Enable space, general aeration, and growth between them.
  • Prune, prune, and prune some more. Harvesting or pruning your herbs regularly will ensure that you always remove sick or weak foliage and spot any circling pests for easy removal. It will also encourage bushier and lusher herbs. Additionally, it will eliminate blossoms, which in turn will ensure that your herbs produce properly because flowering indicates that it’s time to retire for the season.

Keep these pointers in mind and you’ll be less likely to use synthetic pest control methods for your garden, which would consequently mean that you wouldn’t be consuming chemicals as well. The best defense, as the old saying goes, is a good offense, so follow these rules to enjoy a pest-free herb garden.