It’s Not That Painful, Really

Posted on Aug 11 2017 - 11:03am

People seem to think that having dental implants in Edinburgh is a painful experience, but actually, as far as dental surgery goes, it’s really not that bad. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, but the benefits of dental implants far outweigh an hour or so in the dentist’s chair where everything is done to ensure the patient is comfortable and relaxed.

Addressing dental anxiety

Dental implants in Edinburgh are available from a variety of practices, including Edinburgh Dental Specialists. Nearly all dentist these days have undertaken extra training so that they can make nervous, anxious, and even plain terrified patients feel at ease. It’s important to remember that every dentist is also a patient at least twice a year, so they know how vulnerable it can feel to be lying back in a chair under some bright lights with their mouth open and a drill looming over them.

Most dental practices have been redesigned and redecorated to make them feel more welcoming and relaxing, both in the waiting areas and in the dentist’s surgery area. Flowers, pictures, music, even special glasses people can watch TV on, all play a part in helping people feel comfy and relaxed.

On top of that there is usually a choice of between 2 or 3 methods of sedation: oral, intravenous or inhalation. Each of these induces varying levels of relaxation, and the latter two can even send patients to sleep for the entire length of the implant procedure.

Whether that kind of sedation is necessary is up to the patient. Anxiety is not simply about pain, it’s also a mental thing. That said, pain-wise, getting dental implants in Edinburgh isn’t all that bad, probably nowhere near as painful as having root canal treatment. This is because infection, which is mostly what precedes root canal treatment, always makes everything more painful. Dentists won’t do implant surgery on infected jaws. Also, jawbones just don’t have as many nerve endings as teeth do. And fewer nerve endings mean fewer pain signals to the brain.

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