Why Is It Significant To Own A Genuine MS Office Setup?

Posted on Apr 26 2017 - 4:12am

Windows is a successful and a renowned operating system which offers versatile programs pre-installed in a device. If you are buying a new laptop, then you will administer some changes which were not earlier found in previous windows OS versions. Now you are offered Microsoft edge instead of internet explorer and in the same manner windows 2016 is available in the windows 10 genuine pre-installed laptop. Although, many medium price range laptops do not have licensed copy of MS office setup, but yes you can get them downloaded whenever required after the purchase of the operating system.

The computer experts in the local market consists different MS office suite copies with product key. They usually upload office setup without charging anything extra because it is a not genuine copy. Well! You may not get all the programs functional if the pirated copy of the MS office is used by multiple users till date. Moreover, the file gets corrupt or harms your computer adversely. In fact you could not get new updates by the windows or cannot make changes further in the setup file.

Why you should setup genuine MS Office?

Likewise, windows pirated copy creates issues after sometime when windows online auto update option is enabled. The pirated copy is easy to figure out when update is on. In the same manner, MS office is also necessary to update with genuine product key. A pirated copy may get corrupt after a regular use. Sometimes, software create so many problems that operating system crashes badly. So, when you buy a genuine copy of MS office setup from reliable sources, then you get a lifetime assurety regularly through online updates of windows Microsoft.

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How to setup the genuine MS office?

If you don’t possess a pre-installed MS office.com/setup in your system, then you can purchase it online through the Microsoft windows website. The previous versions of the office suite are accessible at the portal which you can get in very low prices in comparison to the latest 2017 or 2916 version. Generally, windows MS office 2010 is much more user-friendly than the latest versions, so it is better to stick to the 2010 version in your latest windows 10 OS.

Here is a step by step guide you can follow to install office setup successfully-

  • Click on the download option given at the official website of the Microsoft.
  • After downloading the office setup file you will be asked to run the file.
  • The product key is only available to the user, when final payment for the MS office suite is executed via online banking or other mode of payments.
  • After a secure payment gateway accomplishment, you are supposed to get the product key through email or at the website. This is a necessary step because without entering the product key you cannot install the entire program features successfully.

After installation process, you have to install each application of the PC suite one by one. Sometimes OS does it automatically, in case it is not doing on it’s own, then you have to do it manually. The time consumed for office setup is almost 10 to 15 minutes.