Patio Costs in Australia Depend on Labour and Materials

Posted on Jul 25 2018 - 4:35am

cozy patioHome-owners in Australia who wish to build a patio may need to spend at least $515 for the materials alone, as the cost of labour will also determine the overall price. If you are planning to use concrete, many patio suppliers such as Just Patios offer a wide range of products for different designs.

The general notion for this project involves a higher cost when including more details and features.

Patio Materials

A patio may not need a deck, but each one requires solid flooring. Plain concrete costs between $45 and $75 per square metre, while coloured concrete ranges between$55 and $90 per square metre. While it is cheaper, plain concrete may not always be the best choice especially if you want a distinct floor design.

Some home-owners who live in sloping land opt for decking their patio. The most affordable material for this is treated pine at around $200 per square metre, while composite decking is the most expensive. However, you save on costs with resealing the deck every few years unlike for timber decks.

Concrete Designs

When thinking about a patio design, use the flooring material to your advantage. Patio suppliers today are not limited to plain concrete spread evenly on a surface, as many of them are aware that home-owners want variety.

Even if you end up using grey concrete, you can divide the floor space into areas. If you do not have time to create a visual layout, design-build companies are your best option. These firms not only supply the right materials but also help in executing your preferences.

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Rates vary among companies, but they are usually more cost-efficient than hiring a separate contractor and supplier.

Patios do not have to cost a fortune, but it should not also skimp on the project. This is particularly true if you plan to sell your home in the future. A nicely designed front porch will definitely improve your curb appeal.