Pointers in Purchasing a Commercial Real Estate Property

Posted on May 16 2016 - 3:45am

Commercial PropertyWhile investing in commercial real estate is an excellent idea, it boasts common pitfalls that could ruin the investment.

Real estate investments boast a significant appeal to people seeking lucrative opportunities with handsome returns on investment. The ability to appreciate over time and an ever-increasing demand for housing and industrial space make the sectors highly profitable.

Whether for domestic or industrial use, commercial properties are worthwhile since they offer a steady source of income on a monthly basis. Although, they might carry a high price tag, rental properties are a sure way of securing your finances.

Not every commercial property, however, makes a great investment. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing commercial property


The site of an asset influences accessibility, security, noise and environmental pollution levels, and the social amenities. House in ideal locations boasts a high occupancy rate, fetches better prices, and is in high demand while the opposite is entirely true for dangerous areas. Failure to attract clients to your new commercial property would cause you to incur heavy losses, as occupancy remains low and unprofitable.

Hidden Costs

While an older building might boast a super friendly price tag, the cost of renovation and maintenance might prove expensive. Some of these buildings might boast obsolete technology that’s expensive and inefficient and in need of an overhaul. Hiring a professional inspector keeps you from making such a costly mistake by pointing out such issues before the sale progresses. Plumbing and heating systems have a finite lifespan and might call for a major overhaul shortly after the acquisition.

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Failing to Consider the Ideal Tenant

The key to a successful commercial property is attracting the right calibre of tenants. The ideal client has a steady job and pays their rent on time. Otherwise, the cash flow for the property might suffer severe delays. Consider the income level in the neighbourhood in relation to the rental charges before making a purchase.

Making these considerations when purchasing a commercial property allows you to choose the most suitable investments for your money.